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Prohibited Items for Storage

When storing with us, we do not accept anything categorised as hazardous, flammable or perishable.

Prohibited items for Shipping

Certain items cannot be accepted when shipping by air or sea. It is very important that you do not send any of these items as your packages will be subject to security checks, and any confiscation of prohibited goods will be charged at £75.00. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Aerosols and Gasses
  • Liquids, Perfumes
  • Explosives or Flammable Gasses
  • Creams / Lotions of any kind
  • Poisons and Toxins
  • Batteries, or Lithium Batteries
  • Cash, Bonds or Jewellery
  • Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks, Flares or Replica Firearms
  • Ink or Printer Cartridges

Restricted items for Shipping

Restricted items cannot be transported as ‘personal effects’, and though it is possible to send these items (dependant on country), it must be accompanied with the correct paperwork. If the restricted items do not have the correct paperwork, it will be confiscated and the consignee will be charged £75.00. Please contact us if you wish to send any of these items.

  • Tobacco and Tobacco products
  • Agricultural, Dairy, Meat products or any Food.
  • Perishable goods, Plants, Seeds, or Vitamins
  • Animals, Animal hair or wool
  • Hunting Trophies, Feathers, Furs, Skins, Hides, Ivory
  • Saddles or riding equipment
  • Wooden articles, Cane, Bamboo, Straw
  • Bone or Shell articles
  • Straw hand crafts or Packaging
  • Pornographic material, seditious treasonable material

Prohibited and restricted items can be a pain but it is important to comply with the laws and we thank you for your cooperation. Please ask us any questions you may have.