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 Free Packaging!

You heard us, we will deliver to your door free packaging including boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Everything you need to get packed and on your way!

Our Boxes

Our sturdy boxes come in 2 sizes, standard and large. We deliver them to you flat-pack with tape and bubble wrap so you can put them together and pack them with ease.

Standard Box: 31cm x 41cm x 51cm. 20 Kgs weight limit

Large box: 61cm x 41cm x 51cm. 30Kgs weight limit


box sizes

Can I use my own packaging?

Absolutely, you can use your own packaging if you wish. We just need to know the dimensions to work out the price for shipping

I need to ship something too big for a box

We ship all manor of things, if you have something too big for a box, that is fine. Make sure your item is packed as best as you can, wrap bubble wrap around then cardboard to give it extra protection.