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Great Prices and Fantastic Service

Whether your storing your things while you are away or taking them with you, we are here to help.


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We provide worldwide shipping including air freight, sea freight and road freight. Our friendly sales staff are ready to help you, and answer any questions about international shipping. 

  • Free packaging

  • Door to door, and Door to port services

  • Air freight, Sea Freight, Road freight

  • Great competitive rates

  • Helpful and friendly customer care team

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We make storage easy for you. We deliver free boxes for you to pack your belongings, then collect them on a date that suits you. We store your things until you are ready for them back. 

  • Free Packaging

  • Free insurance up to £100 per box

  • Safe and Secure, warehouse monitored 24hr

  • Great competitive rates

  • No charge for returning your storage

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Why Choose Us?

Above and beyond, we are the people you’ll want to use again.


You are probably going to find you have questions before and during the process of shipping or storage. We try and make our website as informative as possible but if you can’t find what you are looking for, we want you to call or email us. We aim to be as helpful as possible and want you to take advantage of that. We hope to speak to you very soon.


We regularly check against other storage and shipping companies to make sure we are competitive and giving you a great price. Unlike some other companies we also do our best to be transparent with our prices, so you aren’t being caught out with charges for the return of your boxes etc. So not only is our prices great but we are also giving free packaging to our customers, delivered for free!


Giving your personal possessions away requires a certain level of trust and we get that you don’t want to give your things to just anyone, so you might feel more comfortable knowing that as a division of Western Air Freight Ltd, we have been in the business for over 33 years and our staff are well experienced to handle with any situation that might occur. 

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